Thursday, August 21, 2014

Caribou - Can't do without you

After few years of silence, Dan Snaith, most known as Caribou or Daphni, mark his return to the scene with an interesting single that captured my attention more than anything else in the last few months. 

Have a listen to Can't do without you Extended mix, and get ready for "Our Love" that will be released the 7th october via Merge records.

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Under Permission - Electro House Mix by French D.J.

I just wanted to share with all of you my last work. It is a 50 minutes mix of Electro House, I've been studying some new techniques lately and I'm still under a lot of training, anyway I can tell you this is for me a lot of fun. I hope you will enjoy my mix and if you ever plan to call a dj, call me! I'm based in Dublin but I'm able to plan to tour everywhere you want me to play in the world, just contact me!

Enjoy, Under permission, granted!

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Formidable - Stromae

He is "Formidable". 

Needless to say that Paul Van Haver, Belgian artist aged 28, is making history across the globe and the audience seems to grow faster than his age. 

He created the project "Stromae". 

Stromae is not Paul, but there is a bit of Paul in Stromae. Stromae is the verlang word of Maestro. Verlang consists of playing around with syllables, a sort of french slang. 

This time I came very late in discovering this talent. 

Not too late though as I think the best has yet to come, but I am surprised that I've got to learn about him from the Italian Music Festival of Sanremo edition 2014 which just ended.

And I have thought he was a drunk guy on stage. But the drunk one was me, as this is an artist able to reveal the sleepy feelings with a really touchy song like "Formidable"

Watch the video down below from the minute 2:13

Have a look also at this "hidden camera" videoclip turned in the middle of Bruxelles for the song "Formidable" I deeply suggest you to follow the artistic moves of Paul. 

His last album is called "Racine Carrée" , Squared Root.

Enjoy it and get to know what is rarefy to find nowadays, a "new" artist like Stromae.

Music On

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013. Period.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Music On Webradio: Introducing the bigger brother

We are reaching the end of 2013.

An intense and exceptional year, Music On is live since 1999, we will celebrate the 15th birthday of this radioshow next year.

In the meanwhile I want to express my apologies to those browsing the web and coming here as unfortunately I've not been able to keep the site up to date.

I've recently worked on other projects and I've launched a new website with an integrated radio player which is still on a testing phase.

Let's call it the bigger brother of Music On The Air: Music On Webradio.

I'm still tweaking and trying to have it working in the best way possible. In the meantime you can tune in and choose your best player if you want to listen some nice music, in the Music On The Air style :)
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Album image:

Current song: Loading ...
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Feel free to contact me to give some feedback I would be happy to know from you your thoughts.

There will be more news and some new stuff and content released soon, in the meanwhile thanks for your support and Have a Merry Christmas